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Good News: Get Trained in Dyslexia and Get Reimbursed

The goal of Arizona-IDA is to provide accurate information about assessment and appropriate instruction for students with dyslexia. Another goal is to support educators who successfully complete face-to-face and online training that leads to IDA certification.

Thanks to successful fundraising efforts, we are able to offer Arizona educators reimbursement for completion of courses and programs that provide increased knowledge about dyslexia, or lead to successful performance on IDA Certification tests. Priority will be given to current members of IDA.

Courses eligible for reimbursement include any program accredited by IDA (identified under the Teacher Preparation tab on the National IDA web site: www.dyslexiaida.org); and successful completion of an IDA certification exam.

We will also reimburse educators who successfully complete the Teaching Reading Effectively course offered by the Arizona Department of Education. Reimbursement is also available for successful completion of a three-hour online course entitled Understanding Dyslexia (www.mindplay.com).

Applicants must gain pre-approval for a selected course, or certification exam, by completing the application below. Reimbursement will be provided upon submission of a certificate or document of successful course completion. Applications are now being accepted for courses taken through  5/31/19.

Knowledge & Practice Standards

Accredited Programs & Organizations:

Complete the online application below, or click HERE for printable application.

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