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December 3rd, 2022  – Webinar: Handwriting & Dyslexia with Steve Graham


“Teaching writing to children and adolescents with dyslexia and learning difficulties”

This presentation draws on several meta-analyses examining the writing and reading of students with reading difficulties and dyslexia, as well as meta-analysis on effective practices for teaching writing. The presentation will address two issues: (1) the writing difficulties faced by students with dyslexia, and (2) evidence-based procedures for teaching writing to these students.

IDA Arizona Moderator: Misty Castillo

September 24, 2022 – Community Chat with Thia Luitch

What to ask your Gen Ed teacher about your child’s reading difficulties.

If your child is struggling with reading, it’s important to schedule a meeting with their teacher as soon as possible. Elementary Education Teacher and Child Confidence Coach, Thia Lutich, discussed the questions to ask your child’s teacher and the information to gather during your meeting.


If you want a copy of the handout or to join Thia’s Empowered Parenting Community, please reach out at

September 14th, 2022 – Webinar: Arizona’s Dyslexia Legislation


In partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, Dyslexia and Literacy Intervention Specialist Maggie Velazquez, M. ED, will speak on the current Arizona Dyslexia Legislation!

This session is designed to inform all K-3 classroom educators of the requirements of A.R.S §15-704, and A.R.S §15-211, commonly known as Move On When Reading, as well as, the integration of Arizona’s dyslexia requirements under the current SB 1572. Arizona’s K-3 reading policies have a positive impact on teacher knowledge with required ongoing teacher training based on evidence-based reading research, the use of diagnostic information to plan evidence-based appropriate and effective instruction and intervention, and required written notification to parents. This legislation affects approximately 320,000 K-3 students each year in roughly 1,200 schools. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the importance of K-3 reading in Arizona, statewide trends in early literacy, legislated requirements called for by the law, and their impacts on our teachers and students.

IDA Arizona Moderator: Heather Caciola

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