Dyslexia 101 with Simulation

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Due to Covid-19, all trainings will be held virtually.

Schedule a Dyslexia Presentation at Your School

AZ IDA offers a Dyslexia 101 presentation with the impactful Experience Dyslexia® simulation to interested schools or organizations throughout Arizona.

During the presentation we will define dyslexia, discuss some signs and symptoms, and briefly touch on how students with dyslexia learn. Participants will experience firsthand the emotional, behavioral, and psychological impact that individuals with dyslexia and other language difficulties experience in educational situations every day through the Experience Dyslexia® simulation. Participants are exposed to “learning” stations involving reading, writing, spelling, and listening at an adult level to ‘simulate’ students’ interaction with many aspects of the curriculum.

The presentation can be modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of your school, district, or organization.


Free for groups of 30 – 60 participants

An AZ IDA  Board Member(s) will  facilitate the workshop.

Please note that your organization may need to provide volunteers to act as station leaders, from three to six depending on the workshop size. Our facilitator and workshop assistant will train your volunteers on how to lead the stations.

Please allow for 2 hours for the workshop.

Requests should be submitted 3 months in advance of your desired date. If you have any questions, please contact info@arizonaida.org


Request a Dyslexia Presentation

What attendees are saying about past presentations:

  • …(learned) how frustrated students can get and how at times we do them a real disservice because we don’t stop to think about this. …learned how it felt to be a student with dyslexia – it brought tears to my eyes!
  • …(understand) why my strugglers are so exhausted by the end of the day…how distracting background noise is to some kids.
  • Good information about dyslexia and how to better identify symptoms in students.
  • A better understanding of what to look for in students.
  • …experiencing some of the struggles and emotions of dyslexic student/person!  Eye opening!
  • I saw what it was like to walk in a child’s shoes with dyslexia- it was hard and frustrating. Very informative – great class.
  • Very well done – hands on activities.  I’ll remember how difficult dyslexia can be for a student.
  • I need to slow down and encourage more.
  • All teachers need to review this information to better serve students who need help.
  • Wow – loved all the hands-on stuff!  How very frustrating!  Suddenly I couldn’t read or write.
  • …identifying the emotions that come with not being able to read well. – Identifying how impatient I have been as a teacher.
  • Since I felt it physically  and emotionally, it really hit me and I will make a big conscious effort to watch what I say and do to or for students!
  • So grateful to learn about this – thank you so much.
  • Parents are always asking me if their child is dyslexic, and I never really knew how to respond – I do now!  Thanks!

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