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Community Chats

Community Chats are free and geared toward families, but all are welcome!

September 24, 2022 – Community Chat with Thia Luitch

What to ask your Gen Ed teacher about your child’s reading difficulties.

If your child is struggling with reading, it’s important to schedule a meeting with their teacher as soon as possible. Elementary Education Teacher and Child Confidence Coach, Thia Lutich, discussed the questions to ask your child’s teacher and the information to gather during your meeting.


If you want a copy of the handout or to join Thia’s Empowered Parenting Community, please reach out at

Thia Lutich is an Elementary Education Academic Expert and Child Confidence Coach who empowers parents to raise confident kids and have deeper connections within their families so that they can thrive in and out of school.

Thia has been called the “child whisperer” because she understands kids’ language, who they are, and what they need as an individual. She has the unique gift of translating the secret language back to parents by offering clear strategies that work. After serving families as an elementary school teacher for over a decade, in both the public and private sector, she gets the struggles families face on multiple levels.

Thia now runs Thia Lutich Coaching, working one on one with students as well as leads a powerful parenting group. She spends her free time with her two daughters, husband, and shih tzu, Rowdy.


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