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…until everyone can read!

Our Vision

Structured Literacy in every K-3 Classroom for every child across Arizona.

Our Mission

Arizona IDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals affected by dyslexia, language and literacy challenges, and their families and communities that support them. Until Everyone Can Read!

        • We educate the community about the causes, symptoms, assessment, and remediation of dyslexia.
        • We provide information about available resources.
        • We encourage early screening for all children in Arizona’s schools.
        • We provide audiobook subscriptions to Learning Ally for our members with dyslexia.
        • We promote teacher-training programs that teach Structured Literacy to parents, educators, and other professionals.
        • We collaborate with organizations working on behalf of individuals with dyslexia.

Our Arizona IDA members include dedicated educators, dyslexia specialists, speech/language pathologists, individuals with dyslexia, and parents who have dealt with learning disability issues in local public and private schools. Meet our Board of Directors.

Please join us!

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