Reimbursement Scholarships

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Great News: AZ IDA is providing financial resources for those who are interested in becoming educated in dyslexia.

Our 2019 goal is provide an opportunity for those who want to learn more about dyslexia screening, advocacy, intervention, or training. Thanks to successful fundraising efforts, we are able to offer reimbursement for completion of courses and programs that increase your knowledge about dyslexia. Courses eligible for reimbursement include:

  • Any program accredited by IDA (identified under the Teacher Preparation tab on the National IDA website:
  • Teaching Reading Effectively offered by the Arizona Department of Education; and
  • Understanding Dyslexia (

We are reviewing applications from teachers, parents, and others.

Please know that you can receive only one scholarship per calendar year and that the maximum scholarship amount is $500. 

In 2019, our scholarship application requirements are:

  • Be an AZ IDA Member;
  • Complete application process before the start of your course.

A certificate or document of successful course completion is necessary to obtain the reimbursement.

Applications are now being accepted.

Knowledge & Practice Standards

Accredited Programs & Organizations:

Complete the online application below, or click HERE for printable application.

  • Course Information

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