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Thanks to successful fundraising efforts, AZ IDA can offer reimbursement for completion of courses and programs that increase your knowledge about dyslexia. Continue to ‘Page 2’ for the online application.

There are many courses eligible for reimbursement (see below), but we also want to encourage you to apply for dyslexia conferences (i.e., IDA’s National Conference, Dyslexia Training Institute’s Virtual Conference, etc.) or other trainings, workshops, and seminars related to the field of dyslexia and/or structured literacy in education. 

Arizona residents are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applications for this scholarship are first come, first served basis. The maximum award is $500 per calendar year. 

Those interested must complete the application and receive confirmation of approval before start of course.

If approved, a member of the Scholarship Committee will issue an approval email for the reimbursement. To receive reimbursement, awardees must submit proof of course completion within 45 days of the event’s end. Reimbursement will only be issued for up to $500 and for registration fees/tuition. The AZ IDA will not reimburse for meals, travel, parking, or incidentals related to the conference or training. This scholarship is awarded as a reimbursement only


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Independent Teacher Training Programs Accredited by IDA

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has an accreditation program that rigorously reviews educator preparation programs based on an accreditation model that is uniquely aligned with IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading (KPS). Alignment with the KPS provides programs with a comprehensive standards-based reading preparation framework to guide the development of their curriculum. Programs that meet these standards are awarded IDA Accreditation.

Programs awarded AccreditationPlus have received IDA accreditation and also produce educators who have engaged in intensive supervised practicum experiences that were sufficiently designed and staffed to promote applied mastery of the principles and practices of structured literacy in the service of preventing reading failure and remediating off-track readers with profiles characteristic of dyslexia.

The following programs have been awarded IDA Accreditation:

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Eligible online courses:

If a course  is not shown in this list —be sure to apply!
We will consider all relevant courses.


Continue to ‘Page 2’ for the Application.

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