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Rebekah Dyer
International Dyslexia Association
Arizona Branch

I am honored and privileged to be the president of the AZ Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  As a board we will continue to strive forward in our efforts to increase awareness and education of what dyslexia is and how it impacts people. We plan to create a foundation for parents, teachers and schools with effective programs and strategies to support individuals with dyslexia.  I look forward to working with our outstanding board members in these efforts.


Join Our Mission

Support from members of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has allowed us to continue to educate our community and share the latest research in the field of dyslexia. As we commemorate IDA’s 70th anniversary, we are on a mission to train 7,000 teachers, educate 70,0000 children, and support 700,000 families!
We invite you to join our mission and take advantage of IDA Member benefits, including the new and exciting benefits below:
    • My IDA Perks. Free access to My IDA Perks. A network of nationwide discounts.
    • IDA Stores. Members receive a 15% discount on IDA’s books and merchandise.
    • IDA Member Facebook Group. Expand your network and share information, ideas, and resources.
    • Annual CEU Discounts. Professional and teacher members will receive one discounted on-demand conference recording per calendar year.

PLUS, Arizona Members can participate in additional opportunities specifically for our Arizona Branch:

      • Reimbursement Scholarships. Up to $500 in reimbursement scholarships for those interested in becoming educated in dyslexia. Apply here.
      • Learning Ally. An opportunity for children with dyslexia to read independently, develop a love of learning, and reach their full potential. Register here.


Conference Scholarships Available

IDA Home Office is offering 30 Conference Scholarships available through the 777 Campaign!

Parent or Individual with Dyslexia Application

Teacher  Application

Arizona Members send your application to

For more information on the 2019 Reading, Literacy & Learning Annual IDA Conference click HERE




2019 Masquerade for Dyslexia




Join the POWER research team!

POWER, in a joint project between ASU and the U of A,   is currently recruiting kindergartners and 3rd graders diagnosed with dyslexia for a working memory study. For more information please click  HERE



Branch Excellence Award for fundraising The AZ Branch of the International Dyslexia Association received the Branch Excellence Award for fundraising at the 2017 IDA conference today! Thank you to everyone who has supported us!


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