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Arizona IDA’s Virtual Symposium

Get ready to experience a virtual symposium like you never had before. Don’t expect this to be like other virtual webinars, it’s so much more. We plan to bring you in-depth, evidence-based professional development,  networking opportunities, and fun scattered throughout all from the comfort of your home!

Now is the time to get connected and equipped to meet the needs of your learners.

Join us for a full day of Learning and Literacy on September 25, 2021, featuring keynote speaker Nancy Mather, Ph.D., and 14+ other highly knowledgeable practitioners and researchers. This 1-day event will have LIVE sessions between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm MST and is perfect for parents, individuals with dyslexia, SLP’s, K-12 classroom teachers, interventionists, and administrators. You’ll choose your own session path and participate in up to four LIVE sessions earning up to five  Professional Development Hours.

Here’s a glimpse of our growing list of “must watch” speakers:

  • Dr. Nadine Gaab – Screening for Developmental Dyslexia and other Reading Disabilities: The WHY, WHOM, WHEN, HOW and WHERE
  • Tera SumpterExecutive Functioning and its Role in Literacy Development
  • Heather Caska & Karina Kadhi -Exploring Early Indicators and the Role of the SLP
  • Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley & Tracy Block-Zaretsky –The Adult Side of Dyslexia
  • Marilyn Zecher – Multisensory Math: Ideas for Intervention
  • Susan E. Miller – Early Childhood: Who, When, How, and Why Do We Need to Screen and Intervene?
  • Dr. Susan Hall – Understanding the Science of Reading and IDA’s Structured Literacy Approach
  • Deborah Lynam – Becoming a Reader: The Building Blocks and Home-School Partnerships
  • Laura Stewart – Vibrant, Versatile, and Viable Vocabulary Instruction 

Recorded Sessions available from 10/1-10/8

Afraid you’ll miss a session that you were looking forward to watching? Don’t worry, most sessions will be recorded and available to watch during the first week of October! A link will be sent to your inbox!


There will be plenty of networking opportunities during the Learning & Literacy Symposium! Create your own networking session and dive into the conversation. It’s a great way for like-minded parents and professionals to talk and learn from each other.

Professional Development

AZ IDA is offering up to five (5) Continuing Professional Development hours to eligible Arizona-certified administrators and teachers who are working on their certificate renewal. 

Approved by ASHA for up to five (5) Continuing Professional Education hours.

Exhibitor Booths

Be sure to stop by the EXPO Digital Booths before, during, and after the symposium and connect with a variety of vendors. Perhaps, talk with session speakers or find the next new tool to help you grow. The EXPO opens at 7 am!  Become an EXPO Vendor!   Explore Sponsorship!

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