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Rebekah Dyer
International Dyslexia Association
Arizona Branch

I am honored and privileged to be the president of the AZ Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  As a board we will continue to strive forward in our efforts to increase awareness and education of what dyslexia is and how it impacts people. We plan to create a foundation for parents, teachers and schools with effective programs and strategies to support individuals with dyslexia.  I look forward to working with our outstanding board members in these efforts.




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With the closures of our schools and other learning establishments, the AZ IDA wants to make you aware of an online resource that may help your struggling readers in these challenging and uncertain times. MindPlay is an online program, specifically designed to help your struggling readers succeed in reading.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) is an effective online reading program that improves reading abilities. It permits students with diverse skills and unique needs to read with control and precision. With MVRC, your child will start with the Universal Screener which identifies his or her areas of concern through several screening processes. Once completed, your child will jump right into an individually prescribed learning program, designed specifically for them. MindPlay covers all the fundamentals of reading including Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency, and an additional component called Grammar for Meaning.

MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach has been proven to help students with a wide range of abilities. Adequate for all ages, it can serve as an online reading program for Tier 1 students and an intervention for Tiers 2 and 3 students. Additionally, it can be used by students of several categories, including Students with Dyslexia, Special Education, GED preparation, English Language Learners, and Bilingual Education.

      • Aligns with individual state and Common Core standards for reading and language art
      • Utilizes patented Synthetic Intelligence
      • Provides interactive lessons with media-rich content
      • Content based on Orton-Gillingham (OG) methodology
      • Includes tiered instruction and remediation
      • Provides Certified Speech Pathologists as reading coaches for every student
      • Intensifies instruction for struggling readers

When the program is used for 30-minutes a day, five days a week minimum, improvement in basic reading skills is seen in the first month. In most cases, the average student using the program at home improves one grade level every 10 weeks (20 hours).

Mindplay is offering a FREE one week trial of the program for those interested.  For more on MindPlay and to start your FREE trial,  please visit


IDA does not recommend or endorse any individual, business, school or program. We are providing this information to hopefully provide an evidenced based online resources  for your struggling reader. Please note, while this program will be beneficial for some, it may not be suitable for all students.

Join Our Mission

Support from members of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has allowed us to continue to educate our community and share the latest research in the field of dyslexia. As we commemorate IDA’s 70th anniversary, we are on a mission to train 7,000 teachers, educate 70,0000 children, and support 700,000 families!
We invite you to join our mission and take advantage of IDA Member benefits, including the new and exciting benefits below:
    • My IDA Perks. Free access to My IDA Perks. A network of nationwide discounts.
    • IDA Stores. Members receive a 15% discount on IDA’s books and merchandise.
    • IDA Member Facebook Group. Expand your network and share information, ideas, and resources.
    • Annual CEU Discounts. Professional and teacher members will receive one discounted on-demand conference recording per calendar year.

PLUS, Arizona Members can participate in additional opportunities specifically for our Arizona Branch:

      • Reimbursement Scholarships. Up to $500 in reimbursement scholarships for those interested in becoming educated in dyslexia. Apply here.
      • Learning Ally. An opportunity for children with dyslexia to read independently, develop a love of learning, and reach their full potential. Register here.


2019 Masquerade for Dyslexia

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Together, we have the ability to change lives…and together we will! Thank you to all of our guests and sponsors that helped to make the Third Masquerade for Dyslexia  “Heroes Edition” a success! We raised over $80,000!
Thank you Dr. Jesse McGuire for sharing your dyslexia struggles and triumphs with us. You are an inspiration.
To our Dyslexia Heroes:
Charlie Kriesel and Noah Goree we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work and keep working toward your goals! You shine! #parentsbuyyourkidscandy
Christine Burton, Stacey Fretheim, Sandra Laine, Dr. Jan Vessley, and Senator Paul Boyer your  passion for children with dyslexia  ensures that students will not go undiagnosed and teachers will be trained in early dyslexia identification and intervention. Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you!
We truly appreciate all that came out to support the AZ IDA! Because of you, AZ IDA will continue to raise awareness and provide training for parents, teachers, and schools.

The next gala will be in 2021!



AZ IDA won an award for fundraising at the 2019 IDA Conference! 🏆

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Gala a success! Because of you, AZ IDA will continue to raise awareness and provide training for parents, teachers, and schools. Together we can help children with dyslexia thrive and reach their potential!




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