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Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Certified Professional Directory

Arizona CERI Certified Professional Directory

IDA Provider Directory

This Service Provider List was assembled by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to help parents and other community members find professional services through our organization. All listed providers hold memberships to IDA at the Professional and/or Corporate level, and have agreed to be a point of contact. Each person, business, or special school has been vetted by the IDA and deemed to be “highly qualified” to provide the services listed in their entry.

We encourage you to speak with multiple members on this list in order to make the best choice to fit your needs. While the AZ IDA does not recommend or endorse any individual, business, school, or program, the following list of local professionals is available to guide you in your search for testing, tutoring, and other support services. While you are searching, you may find the IDA fact sheet on Evaluating Professionals helpful.

Arizona IDA Provider Directory

How to get added to the Directory?  Must be a member of IDA.  Professional, Educational, and Corporate IDA members may apply for a listing in the Provider Directory. To apply for a listing or to update your listing, please contact IDA’s Information Department at .

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