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If you missed conference registration, it’s not too late! Click the button below to purchase viewing access for this week only (Oct 15th- Oct 21st)! Dyslexia & Comorbidities: What the EF?, a virtual four-block conference on dyslexia and co-existing challenges: ADHD, Executive Function, and Fostering Resilience.
  • Block 1: Alphabet Soup: Dyslexia, ADHD, & Other Comorbidities with Dr. Benjamin Powers
  • Block 2: Addressing the Emotional Challenges Associated with Learning Disabilities-Fostering Resilience with Dr. Cheryl Chase
  • Block 3: The Role of Executive Function in the Acquisition of Literacy with DeeRosenberg, Nanci Shepardson, and Dr. Nora Schlesinger
  • Block 4: Dyslexia Panel – A Student Perspective on Dyslexia: Gain powerful insights from our Panelists, who will share their personal stories and perspectives on living with dyslexia.
For session descriptions, please refer to the program:
Cost: $100
The recordings are not downloadable, and we ask that passwords not be shared. No CEUs will be issued for recorded sessions.

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