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May 24th at 6 PM – Coffee Chat #6 – Dyslexia Legislation and Statewide Early Literacy Initiatives!

Arizona’s Early Literacy Ecosystem: Aligning Efforts to Meet the Needs of All Students

In this presentation, Dr. Amy Boza and Sean Ross from the Arizona Department of Education will discuss legislation and statewide initiatives related to early literacy and dyslexia. They will discuss how Arizona is working to create an early literacy ecosystem that meets the needs of all students. We look forward to a great chat!



April 24th – Coffee Chat #5 –  Dyslexia in Schools

March 27, 2021 – Coffee Chat #4 – A Dyslexic Journey.







Advocating for Students with Dyslexia in Public Schools


November 21, 2020 – Coffee Chat #3 – SLP’s Role in Dyslexia






Oral Language Impairments and Dyslexia

Speech Sound Development

Resources from Heather Caska and Dr. Anna Sosa

October 24, 2020 – Coffee Chat #2 – Anxiety

The Dyslexia-Stress-Anxiety Connection

Resources from Dr. Wingers

September 26, 2020 – Coffee Chat #1 – Structured Literacy






What is Structured Literacy? by Carolyn C. Cowen

Resources from Dr. Hall








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