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January 29, 2022 – Coffee Chat – ‘Running the Distance’ with Jared Blank

Unfortunately, this Coffee Chat has been canceled. We hope to reschedule this Chat later in the year and look forward to future collaborations with Jared!


With our upcoming 1in5k Dyslexia Dash, we asked extreme runner and fellow dyslexic Jared Blank to join us for a Coffee Chat!

This Chat is for everyone! Parents and teachers invite your dyslexic students to hear Jared’s inspirational message.  Watch this clip of Jared sharing his journey completing the World Marathon Challenge:

Jared Blank is a third-generation Portland native, an extreme runner, motivational speaker, sports trainer, dyslexia advocate, and author of Running the Distance – his story of how dyslexia prepared him for life and completing one of the most brutal races in the world. Jared was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 5, long before there was any help in the classroom. Fortunately, a combination of Jared’s will to succeed and his parents unending support resulted in Jared thriving academically and in life. In 2017 he decided to leave his career in collegiate football to use running as a platform for raising awareness and funds to help students just like him. Jared knows the hardships students with learning challenges face and wants to support future students in his home state. He believes that starts with K-3 literacy. Science-based reading and equity need to be at the forefront of our education system.


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